New journeys each day

A little bit, each day...

Develop the habit of exploring God's Word in 15 minutes a day with Discovery.

Each daily, dated reading offers prayers, a Bible passage to read and an explanation of the verses to guide you in knowing God through his Word, "living and active" (Hebrews 4:12) for each of us. 

Finally, you'll also be challenged to use your new understanding with an application question. 

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For deeper sojourns...

You'll enjoy the longer, more challenging commentary in Encounter with God.

Fortunately, drawing these more complex meanings from the text doesn't negate practical life application. Every day, a question or two encourages you to tie your insights to your relationships, your ministry or your thought life.

The systematic daily Bible reading schedule covers the New Testament and the Old Testament in a five year cycle.

And if that's not enough, each issue also includes a "Through the Bible in One Year" feature.

If you have more background in God's Word or life experience walking with him, your heart will soar to new heights when you have an Encounter with God.